Peace Corps

Podcast by a PCV in Malawi on HIV/AIDS. Blogging it so I remember to listen when I home from work. :)

WordPress keeps eating my posts. I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is actually one of operator error. How could I, brilliant QA analyst (haha!) and technical writer that I am, mess up WordPress? Very simple, actually. If you don’t click save before closing the window, YOUR POST WON’T SAVE. Operator error indeed.

That said, it’s been a relatively interesting day. I woke up to an enormous bruise on my chest, and no idea how it got there. Minds out of gutter. There’s none of that while I’m living with my parents! I had an interesting and enlightening conversational snippit regarding female hygeine while I’m abroad.

And this test says I’m an ENTJ. Is anyone surprised?

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  1. hrmn. bruises often appear out of nowhere on my person. but i’ve got anemia and a job involving large wooden and metal objects spinning around me. unless you got into a fight with your cubicle i’m going to hafta let my mind explore that gutter you mentioned.

    anda major duh with the ENTJ thing.

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