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In which t redesigns becomes incredibly lazy

I am just too lazy to redesign from scratch. Expect some template tweaks over the next few days. I don’t like the way the links on the left work, nor the way it handles posts with no titles. I’d also like to redo the color scheme, but that’s gonna take some serious study of the layout and stylesheet. Whatever I end up doing, it’s going to have to wait a few days until I’ve packed, moved home, unpacked, and gotten settled at my parents’ place.

What? Theresa is moving home?

Yeah. I’m too poor to stay at school for just an extra month when I can sublet my room, and go home, where I no longer have to pay (as much) for rent, food, utilities, or even gas for my commute (Mom and I work together, so we’ll share a car too). Not only that, but I get to spend a serious chunk of time with my family before I leave. That’s important, as I discovered the last time I took off for the other side of the world.

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy month. Moving home. Party-party. Visit my grandparents. Hershey Park. Hang out like mad. Drum Corps and the 4th. Then I’m gone.

And that’s the coolest thought in the world.aracer.mobi

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