Daily Grind

On the home strecth.

I’ve replied to my invitation. July 5, kids. I can’t wait.

Tonight: study break to bbq, get passport photos, white-out mistakes on visa app, FedEx packet, finish paper, study.
Thursday: 8am exam, study.
Friday: study, 10:30am exam, 1:30pm exam. Happy Hour at the Fe.
Saturday: wake up hungover, drive home to meet family for lunch, drive back to school, sit and stand around for a while, maybe listen to some speakers, toss my cap, freak out because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I WILL BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE.
Sunday: wake up hungover again, roll over and go back to sleep.

The next few days are going to be absolutely insane, but when I throw my cap up into the air on Saturday night, it’ll have been well worth it.продвижение

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