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Rethinking my decision making paradigm

As part of my “OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO BE IN AFRICA” preparations, I went to see Sahara with LeeAnn and Liz. Yeah. Wow. Terrible movie (as detailed by each of us here, here, and here), but chock-full of fascinating scenery, and an interesting (if somewhat inaccurate) portrayal of life in the Western Sahara.

But Africa is not (for once) my point. I want to talk about Matthew McConaughey. That’s exactly what I want by my side while Saving The World. Beautiful? Yes. Southern accent? Yes indeed. And playing Dirk Pitt, whom I’m desperately in love with (yes, I read Clive Cussler, SHUTUP). There’s something so terribly appealing about freewheeling adventurers. We all know I’d lead that life if I could find a way to do it and Save The World at the same time.

Anyway, good news for me, since McConaughey wouldn’t mind being Dirk Pitt again (pending the clear up of that messy lawsuit, of course.

And finally, McConaughey’s journal from the promo tour. Mmmmm. Tastey. Am I a stalker or what?способ раскрутки сайта

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