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I’m somewhat a fan of Getting Things Done, by David Allen, but I haven’t yet found an implementation I’m 100% a fan of. I tried wikiPad, and really liked it. Too bad I migrate between computers at work, school, home, and everywhere else at least twice a day. A desktop implementation just wasn’t going to work. Paper was fine for a short short while, but the sheer number of seperate projects just didn’t lend itself to this implementation.

Now I’m trying MediaWiki (thanks to dreamhost’s 1-click install). That’s right. Your heroine is about to become a Wiki Guru. I’m pretty sure that it’ll do what I want it to, with the exception of a tickler file, and it might actually do that too.

Now if only I could get my inboxes under control . . . and also learn how to close my links.раскрутка сайта

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