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Today, kottke posted about how he’s been blogging for six or seven years, and how lovely it is that he has such a strong and loyal readership that he’s now able to support himself off of blogging, and do it full time.

Goddammit, I’ve been doing this for at least seven or eight years now, in various forms, and I have no such loyal readership. Projects go along nicely for about six months, and then I get bored and move onto the next Big Thing in my life. And I’m not terribly funny unless I’m irritated. I’m typing up a storm over at tBc, because there are a lot of idiots in my life, but I have done exactly nothing new, nothing innovative, and certainly nothing worth keeping around.

That’s fair to middlin’ depressing.

But keep your eyes out to the Bitter Club successor. If I get it finished by July, it’s gonna be HAWT.

update: this post resulted in exactly one hit via technorati.поисковая оптимизация сайта реклама

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