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I love my car.

Seriously, the poor thing just seems to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Wednesday went sort of like this:

Get in car, turn on lights, drive to Baltimore, park.
Get out of car, walk to work.
Leave work early, walk to car, open car door, realize OMFG I LEFT THE LIGHTS ON.
Fail at starting the car. Flag down help. Am told to sit in my car to work the ignition. NOTHING HAPPENS.
Try a truck (more power), try a towtruck (even more power). FAILURE.
Tow car to multiple repair shops. Get blown off (repeatedly). Quote for getting the car to Westminster is $195.
Tow car back to Camden Yards.
Get out of car, shut door. OMFG I LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE CAR.
Call tow truck. Wait an hour.
Tow truck comes, unlocks door.
Go back to work, figure out things with Mom.
Walk back to car, call tow company. Get a quote of $125. Wait an hour.
GO HOME (finally). Disasters on the way are narrowly averted.
Work on car with Michael and Dad.
Problem discovered (caused by well intentioned guys who must have hooked up the cables backwards, beause that’s DAMN NEAR THE ONLY WAY TO BLOW THAT FUSE).
Drive Mom’s car back to school.

But wait, there’s more!

PS, the car is now fixed.раскрутка

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