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Easy Cake Pops 0

Easy Cake Pops

We’ve been slowly settling back into life in America.  Yes, America!  We left Jerusalem and we’re now living in Arlington, VA, where we’ll be for the next several months as I prepare for Malabo.  While not at work, I’ve been amusing myself by ordering my Starbucks coffee in English, and making desserts.  But only easy desserts. Like cake pops. The nice thing about cake pops is that they require minimal preparation, minimal...

Happy Halloween 0

How this Working Mom got Suckered Again, or, Happy Halloween

I swore last year that I wasn’t going to make the kids’ costumes again, and yet somehow, I ended up doing it again this year. At least I had the sense to buy basic items and make only the logos and accessories. The problem is that I find homemade costumes utterly charming, and also, that I am cheap.  I am unwilling to purchase a $50 costume when I can make it for...