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Buying an oil painting in the shouk (market) in Jerusalem 2

The Shuk in Jerusalem – Mahane Yehuda with Kids

We finally had a spare moment to be tourists in Jerusalem, and we took advantage of the free afternoon by visiting the Mahane Yehuda market in downtown Jerusalem. We spent the afternoon shepherding our kids (the only kids at the market who weren’t in  strollers) between vendors and trying to keep other shoppers from tripping over them.   I’d been trying to figure out where Jerusalemites do their grocery shopping—certainly...


On buying intimate apparel in West Africa’s largest open air market

Look, women need bras, okay? It’s normal, and I’m here for the long haul, which means that I can’t depend on care packages and occasional trips home for underclothes anymore (yes, it’s true, I did that for a brief period). For every man who’s like, “WTF is Theresa talking about bras on her blog for?” there’s a woman nodding her head, saying, “OMG I always wondered how they do it.”...