Perfect hard boiled eggs

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Perfectly boiled easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs. No matter how new or old your eggs are. The Internets are fill of lore on how to hard boil your eggs. How to get perfectly yellow yolks, with none of the grey-green of over-boiled eggs. How to get a white that is supple and tasty, instead… Read More Perfect hard boiled eggs

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Seasonal vegetables in DC – Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

What’s the best thing about coming back to the States from West Africa? Vegetable variety. Yes, access to asparagus and swiss chard and fresh broccoli narrowly beats out living close to friends and family.  The quality of fruits and vegetables throughout West Africa is incredible. Everything bursts with flavor—after all, West African varieties haven’t been… Read More Seasonal vegetables in DC – Bacon Wrapped Asparagus