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Happy New Year!

2017 was rough for me and my family. However, 2018 is a new year, a new post (Malabo!), and a new chance to seize the opportunities that are sitting right in front of our noses. Themes for 2018 Last year, I chose “joy” as my One Little Word, and did a terrible job of following through on it. This year, I’ve chosen “thrive,” and I believe that my chances of actually...


2017’s Gotta Be Better Than 2016

I can’t live through another year like 2016. I don’t subscribe to a type of thinking where if you will good luck into existence, it will come. Positives attitudes don’t stop war or famine or poverty or injustice. But, not recognizing how good I’ve really got it is foolish, and my own negative attitude has made it difficult to appreciate everything that actually went well in 2016. 2017 may not...