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Celebrating Holidays Abroad 34

Celebrating Holidays Abroad – Reasons to Love It

Holidays are tough.  For everyone.  All over the world.  I’ve been celebrating the winter holidays abroad for a long time (in 10+ years abroad, I’ve spent three Christmases in the States).  Despite that, I’m finding that as this holiday season begins, I’m more homesick than usual.  I’m missing friends and family and pumpkin spice lattes.  Which is not to say that the life of an expat is not pretty damn...


Documenting the holidays: Keeping it small, keeping it simple

I am an avid scrapbooker.  I began when my first daughter was born, and realized how ephemeral our wealth of digital photos really was. Since then, we’ve had hard drive failures, toddlers spilling coffee on laptops, and a number of international moves.  These days, I think of the scrapbooks as a physical backup of the memories we’ve worked so hard to photograph. One of the biggest challenges, though, of documenting memories on...