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Happy Halloween 0

How this Working Mom got Suckered Again, or, Happy Halloween

I swore last year that I wasn’t going to make the kids’ costumes again, and yet somehow, I ended up doing it again this year. At least I had the sense to buy basic items and make only the logos and accessories. The problem is that I find homemade costumes utterly charming, and also, that I am cheap.  I am unwilling to purchase a $50 costume when I can make it for...


Halloween in DC with the kids

How do I know I’m getting old? All of my friends’ halloween parties started at 6 last night. And we didn’t go to any. My husband picked me up from FSI with the kids already in costume, but fast asleep. We went grocery shopping, and then came up and rushed to get the house picked up for trick-or-treaters. Our building has a sign-up for families with toddlers, so nobody has...