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Easy Cake Pops 0

Easy Cake Pops

We’ve been slowly settling back into life in America.  Yes, America!  We left Jerusalem and we’re now living in Arlington, VA, where we’ll be for the next several months as I prepare for Malabo.  While not at work, I’ve been amusing myself by ordering my Starbucks coffee in English, and making desserts.  But only easy desserts. Like cake pops. The nice thing about cake pops is that they require minimal preparation, minimal...

Easy Desserts - Chocolate Covered Dates 12

Palestinian Desserts – Chocolate Covered Dates Stuffed with Pecans

Chocolate covered dates are an easy beginning to my foray into Palestinian desserts.  They’re a special occasion treat, something that I’ve seen mostly in small quantities at iftars or to be sold to tourists at artisan markets.  The dates are delicious and rich, a perfect accompaniment for coffee, but not something to be consumed in large quantities. I’ve had chocolate covered dates several times now, and each time I tell myself...