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Primal Broccoli and Pomegranate Mason Jar Salad 4

Mason Jar Broccoli and Pomegranate Salad

I am working on taking my lunch to work every day, but I needed an easy way to make an entire week’s worth of lunches in advance. I actually do a great job of cooking a week’s worth of food at once on Sundays, but never seem to find time in the mornings to pack my lunches. Enter the mason jar (side) salad. It’s a great way to take advantage of...


Perfect hard boiled eggs

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Perfectly boiled easy-to-peel hardboiled eggs. No matter how new or old your eggs are. The Internets are fill of lore on how to hard boil your eggs. How to get perfectly yellow yolks, with none of the grey-green of over-boiled eggs. How to get a white that is supple and tasty, instead of rubbery and over cooked. And most importantly, how to boil the eggs in such...


I’m not going to roast any more pumpkins for a while

I woke up yesterday morning to the unsettling realization that I’m leaving in a week. After a brief discussion that went long the lines of OMG THE SKY IS FALLING THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO, Bertrand reminded me that he doesn’t cook vegetables. Because this week is going to be ridiculously busy for both of us, I tried to cook as much today as possible so that our veggies...