Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – Crabby McCrabbyPants

If you’re hollering out encouragement to EVERY runner who passes you during the workout, that’s awesome. If you’re only hollering encouragement to the fat chick who’s struggling, well, fuck you, buddy. Here’s the thing that I think a lot of people forget about fat people in the gym, ANY GYM, not just Crossfit: Fat is not and should not be a moral judgement (so don’t fucking lie to me and...


Several unrelated thoughts

My CrossFit gym box hods a nutritional coaching program a few times a year, and I am participating in the current round. I will not be blogging it here in detail here because t’s a pretty restrictive program (although designed to become less restrictive when you finish), and I’m still trying to figure out where the fine line between “trying to get healthy” and “orthorexic” is.  It’s a Whole30 writ large, and it’s...


I passed my Arabic test

There have been a couple of excellent retrospectives on language training over the last couple of months. Now that I’m finished with Arabic, I have a only one thing to add: it’s very easy to forget that, while individual teachers employed by FSI may care about me as an individual, FSI-the-institution does not. This goes double for EFMs. The good news is that I am done language training! Hurray! I’ve...


Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED (1st 5k!)

I raced my first 5k over the weekend. Camille, my awesome amazing and to be much thanked running buddy, and I have been training both separately and apart. She, to get back to running after a few kids, and me, to get to a point where I wouldn’t embarrass myself by collapsing on the course after the first mile. We both succeeded, and I made it through the entire 5k while...


Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – Four months in, it could be worse

My running buddy and I, that is, my adult running buddy and I, hit the second spot on our DC running bucket list last weekend. I’ve walked around the tidal basin, but not in years, and I’ve certainly never run around it. My toddler running buddy came too. We had a good run. Camille was kind enough to let me stick to my C25K running plan (yeah, I’m a few...


Air & Space Museum – Out with the Sondjos and Carpenters

Family = <3.  My brother and his family drove down to DC this weekend so that we could visit museums together with the kids.  When we arrived at the Air & Space Museum, we were surprised and pleased to discover that there were a ton of special activities going on to celebrate women in flight, and to encourage girls and young women to pursue careers in aviation. Awesome.   Here...


New list of FS Blogs

With a great deal of help from the Foreign Service blogging community, I’ve put together a list of FS Blogs.  At that link is also an OPML file that you can download to import the list of blogs into your newsreader of choice. Enjoy!продвижение


Happy Birthday to Us!

We had a lovely birthday. Yes, that’s a royal “we,” since Bertrand and I share a birthday. It works out pretty well, since neither of us can forget. Last year, he got to pick the event (going out to dinner), and I got to pick the venue (the only sushi joint in Freetown).  This year; we both agreed we needed to do something relatively peaceful. I started out the day...