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Workin’ on the chain gang

Today, I’m turning in the last paper and the last problem set of my undergraduate career. BOO-YAH, SIR!как продвинуть сайт самостоятельно бесплатно

Peace Corps

The waiting is driving me crazy! I could be in Cape Verde. I could be in the Gambia. I could be somewhere else entirely. Going nuts, and driving everyone else there with me.topod.in

Peace Corps

Almost done!

I know that I was nominated for a program that leaves on July 5th. I’m getting down to the wire in regards to getting my medical information in on time, but . . . hopefully it’ll all work out. Other nominees (now invitees) have gotten their invitations to Cape Verde for the 5th. Non-francophone, true,… Read More Almost done!

Daily Grind

Freaked out-ed-ness

AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH. My doctor didn’t get my fax, which means it’ll be that much longer before I can get my CAT scan referral. I’ll send it again when I get off work today, but that’s one more bit of frustration, ya’ know? A this rate, I’m never going to get medical clearance, and I’m never gonna… Read More Freaked out-ed-ness


Diamonds and the Global Contract

While looking for information on Global Compact, I found an interesting article corporate responsibility (via). It discusses corporate cupability, and the costs of maintaining responsible business interests inthe developing world. It’s a pretty balanced perspective, all-in-all, emphasizing the need and necessity for business to take responsibility for its own actions, while admitting the difficulties inherent… Read More Diamonds and the Global Contract

Daily Grind

Mercenary wam BAM

Human Rights Watch just published a report on West African Behavior. The majority of these regional warriors began their fighting careers after being forcibly recruited by either the NPFL or the RUF, usually when they were still children. After fighting in their first war, however, nearly all willingly crossed borders to fight in other wars… Read More Mercenary wam BAM

Daily Grind

productivity pr0n.

I’m somewhat a fan of Getting Things Done, by David Allen, but I haven’t yet found an implementation I’m 100% a fan of. I tried wikiPad, and really liked it. Too bad I migrate between computers at work, school, home, and everywhere else at least twice a day. A desktop implementation just wasn’t going to… Read More productivity pr0n.

Peace Corps, What I'm Reading


Vanity Fair features the Peace Corps (transcript). Alaskan legislatures approve Permenant Fund dividends while serving. PC wiki. The Martha Stewert of Gabon. Interesting Essay. Busy week in the app process, but isn’t it always?продвижение