Peace Corps

I am a disease that will kill your mother.

Somehow, with all of the x-ray and CAT scan madness, the University Health Center forgot to tell the Peace Corps that I do not, in fact, have Tuberculosis. I’m never gonna get out of here!!seo оптимизация и продвижение

Daily Grind

Workin’ on the chain gang

Today, I’m turning in the last paper and the last problem set of my undergraduate career. BOO-YAH, SIR!как продвинуть сайт самостоятельно бесплатно

Peace Corps

The waiting is driving me crazy! I could be in Cape Verde. I could be in the Gambia. I could be somewhere else entirely. Going nuts, and driving everyone else there with

Peace Corps

Almost done!

I know that I was nominated for a program that leaves on July 5th. I’m getting down to the wire in regards to getting my medical information in on time, but . . . hopefully it’ll all work out. Other nominees (now invitees) have gotten their invitations to Cape Verde for the 5th. Non-francophone, true,… Read More Almost done!

Daily Grind

Freaked out-ed-ness

AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH. My doctor didn’t get my fax, which means it’ll be that much longer before I can get my CAT scan referral. I’ll send it again when I get off work today, but that’s one more bit of frustration, ya’ know? A this rate, I’m never going to get medical clearance, and I’m never gonna… Read More Freaked out-ed-ness


Diamonds and the Global Contract

While looking for information on Global Compact, I found an interesting article corporate responsibility (via). It discusses corporate cupability, and the costs of maintaining responsible business interests inthe developing world. It’s a pretty balanced perspective, all-in-all, emphasizing the need and necessity for business to take responsibility for its own actions, while admitting the difficulties inherent… Read More Diamonds and the Global Contract