In which t redesigns becomes incredibly lazy

I am just too lazy to redesign from scratch. Expect some template tweaks over the next few days. I don’t like the way the links on the left work, nor the way it handles posts with no titles. I’d also like to redo the color scheme, but that’s gonna take some serious study of the layout and stylesheet. Whatever I end up doing, it’s going to have to wait a...


Tina is going to Fiji!

Tina, a sorority sister and all around good-gal is heading out to Fiji on May 31st! She plans on using the aforelinked journal to keep in touch, and will have pictures up at webshots. Indeed. Good luck, girl scout!раскрутка


In which Theresa graduates.

I am now the proud owner of a B.A. in Economics from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and a B.A. in French from the College of Arts and Humanities. That’s two degrees, in case anyone was wondering. Not a double major. Two degrees. Thousands of dollars and five years later, I’m a damn college graduate. Hellsyeah. раскрутка


In which t discusses what she didn’t do.

I am relatively certain that the University of Maryland will be as pleased to see me go as I am pleased to leave. That said, if the fountains are soapy for graduation tomorrow, I have NO IDEA who did it. And I’m absolutely SURE that whomever did it was absolutely 100% sober at the time. Jeuvenile? Absolutely. And since we all know I’m as far from jeuvenile as can be,...


On the home strecth.

I’ve replied to my invitation. July 5, kids. I can’t wait. Tonight: study break to bbq, get passport photos, white-out mistakes on visa app, FedEx packet, finish paper, study. Thursday: 8am exam, study. Friday: study, 10:30am exam, 1:30pm exam. Happy Hour at the Fe. Saturday: wake up hungover, drive home to meet family for lunch, drive back to school, sit and stand around for a while, maybe listen to some...


I am a disease that will kill your mother.

Somehow, with all of the x-ray and CAT scan madness, the University Health Center forgot to tell the Peace Corps that I do not, in fact, have Tuberculosis. I’m never gonna get out of here!!seo оптимизация и продвижение


Workin’ on the chain gang

Today, I’m turning in the last paper and the last problem set of my undergraduate career. BOO-YAH, SIR!как продвинуть сайт самостоятельно бесплатно