Daily Grind

New toys

On-line package tracking is the best!! Two packages will be waiting for me when I get home today. Yeah!!! Update: New toys rock my socks (more memory for camrea and a sweet jump drive)комплексная раскрутка сайта

Peace Corps


Jesse: What are you doing about shoes? Theresa: Flip-flops and Tevas. Jesse: TEVAS?!?!?!?! Theresa: Yeah. Jesse: Your dork-o-meter just shot through the roof. Theresa: Hey, dorks are the new cool! Jesse: Dorks are getting rich. Dorks are getting attention in the media. And most of all, dorks are getting attention online, from other dorks. Dorks… Read More Dork!

Daily Grind


Does everybody like this blog-as-PIM thing I’ve got goin’ on? The idea is that each morning when I hit it up, I’ll see what’s been done, what needs to be done, and what I need to start panicking about. So stop makin’ fun of me, yo! I hate you, stupid Radio Shack man. After talking… Read More blog-as-PIM

Daily Grind

In which t starts to panic

Paperwork I need to take care of this week: Medical reimbursements (hopefully . . . stupid university!!) Power of attorney (medical and financial) Federal Privacy Waiver(s) for student loans Fill out student loan deferrment forms (Economic Hardship NOT Peace Corps) to give to parents to mail in November. Living will Bike measurements Personal stuff I… Read More In which t starts to panic