Daily Grind


Does everybody like this blog-as-PIM thing I’ve got goin’ on? The idea is that each morning when I hit it up, I’ll see what’s been done, what needs to be done, and what I need to start panicking about. So stop makin’ fun of me, yo! I hate you, stupid Radio Shack man. After talking… Read More blog-as-PIM

Daily Grind

In which t starts to panic

Paperwork I need to take care of this week: Medical reimbursements (hopefully . . . stupid university!!) Power of attorney (medical and financial) Federal Privacy Waiver(s) for student loans Fill out student loan deferrment forms (Economic Hardship NOT Peace Corps) to give to parents to mail in November. Living will Bike measurements Personal stuff I… Read More In which t starts to panic

Daily Grind

In which t continues to wait.

Okay, so at least one other Benin vol in the area got his staging packet yesterday. Means mailed Friday or Monday. So WTF with mine being mailed TODAY? WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! UPDATE: Arrived today. Yeee-haw. Also, someone from Maryland is not a Marylandian. We are Marylanders, thankyouverymuch.реклама в интернете на сайтах

Daily Grind

We have liftoff.

Sweet mother of God, comments work. I switched over to WordPress from Blogger last November because I wanted to do some ususual stuff with the Bitter Club. Blogger was also pretty unreliable at the time. Fine for a personal site, not so fine when I’m running a group thang. I kluged together a template to… Read More We have liftoff.

Daily Grind

Redesign (again)

Isn’t this look nicer? Comments still don’t work. I think one of my tweaks is (unintentionally) affecting the template system. I’m not particularly pressed about it. I’ll work out some of the bugs tomorrow during my lunch break, and then everyone can tell me how much they like it. Also, my staging packet should arrive… Read More Redesign (again)

Peace Corps

Podcast by a PCV in Malawi on HIV/AIDS. Blogging it so I remember to listen when I home from work. :) WordPress keeps eating my posts. I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is actually one of operator error. How could I, brilliant QA analyst (haha!) and technical writer that I am, mess up… Read More