Kitty love

Kitten-proofed the house last night. That was a nightmare. Turns out it’s pretty hard to get chemicals, medicine, and cleaning agents out of reach when you DON’T HAVE ANY FURNITURE. Luckily, I am a super-duper-resourceful PCV . . . and my bookcases finally came last night, which helped out a lot. Cat today or tomorrow! Yeah! Not that I’m excited or anything.оптимизация под google


Days like yesterday

Days like yesterday make it worth it. I felt like a Peace Corps Volunteer (as opposed to an expatriated IT professional), which is an incredible feeling. The day started out well, with an English club that had asked me to act as a guest speaker. I gave a brief (although simplified and stereotyped) introduction to our regions, by culture and geography, then an airport vocabulary lesson. Then the tough part...


In which t talks about food.

Oh, God. Food. Among PCVs, food is possibly the only topic of conversation more popular than the previous day’s bowel movements. Turns out, food is comfort, and familiar food is often what we miss the most on a daily basis. I live in the Big City, so in theory, I should be able to get all of the Western food I want. Oh wait. Most grocery stores are a 600CFA...


Chez Theresa

My place is actually pretty Western. I live in a 2-story apartment building, with a big courtyard in the center. There are about 25 apartments, although several open onto the street in back, so I never see those people. Chez t has a bedroom, a salon (living room/ receiving room), a hallway, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Yep, I even have a shower in my bathroom (although no hot water, which isn’t a big deal, because I’m usually soaked in sweat when I wake up anyway).


Dear Internet, Why am I addicted to you? Love, Theresaпродвижение магазин


In which t uploads a ton of photos

Holy cow! Check out the massive photo update. Seriously, I uploaded about 300 photos, so make sure to check out all of the sub-albums, etc. A quick rundown: General Stage Junx Staging in Philly Our first week in Cotonou The fashion show Beach trip Tech Week Live-In Cooking classes Swearing In My place Me with and without braids There’s no need to stay here and use the blog as a...


In which Theresa realizes it’s a learning style thang

Trying to organize my thoughts into some sort of coherency. I’m a mess, not in a bad way, just that I’ve had an incredibly productive morning, and now my brain is fried. It was productive because I put on my headphones and ignored everything going on around me, including the crazy-ass network that never works. My counterpart wants me to teach him how I did the site mock-up in Photoshop....



Today was a bucket of frustration, despite some really great moments. Turns out, teaching someone web development and design from not only a base of nothing, but a base of misconceptions and misunderstandings is freaking hard. I thought I could take some shortcuts, and use Apache without having to explain what it does . . . until I had to explain why we entered localhost has the host name when...


Those damn kids

Here in Benin, it’s pretty common for kids to come up and chat with me. My bush taxi driver from training to here said it’s because white folks aren’t going to shoo them away like the Beninese do. We’ll say hello, ask them how they are, then ignore them or play with them. In reality, it’s often to ask us to give them something. “Donne-moi un cadeau,” (give me a...


First day of work

So turns out, I’m making my work computer cry. Yes. Work Computer. I am updating my BLOG from my COMPUTER at WORK in BENIN. Life is so fucking sweet right now. Sort of. On Friday all we happy stagaires swore to defend the constitution and do our duty to the Peace Corps, so I guess we’re all volunteers now. More or less. It’s good to finally be here, anyway. It’s...