Good reads for March 21st

Expat Explorer – White House Issues Report on Women in America – – But at all levels of education, women still earn only 75 percent of what men earn. The dogs who listen to children reading | Education | The Guardian – When children read to him, Danny does not criticise or correct their pronunciation. He just nods and pricks up an ear, although sometimes he closes his eyes...


Cancled A-100, green beer, and Cotonou

Last week, I got the sad (horrific, devastating, WORLD ENDING) news that there won’t be a May A-100 class. A-100 is also known as “orientation” or as I like to call it, “Diplomat School”. HR asked me to keep it under my hat for a few days, but it looks like the news is already out through other sources. Bertrand and I were hoping to be home as soon as...


A love letter

Dear work gym, I love your treadmills (why would anyone call you a “dreadmill”? You’re wonderful!). I love your clean showers. I love your convenience. I love your DSTV subscription that allows me to watch MTV while I run … in BENIN! I love your comfortable mats for stretching. I do not love the windows facing the compound entrance, so that everyone can see me jiggle and shake as I...


Good reads for March 1st

{placekitten} – Service provides kittens for use as img placeholders. FULL OF WIN. In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boys’ Club – Home – This Recording – In Which We Teach You How To Be A Woman In Any Boys' Club Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation –


Dude, where’s my food scale?

Nothin’ like starting the day right with delicious oatmeal and coffee. It’s usually too dark to get a good picture before I leave for work, but over the weekend? Perfect sunlight falls on Bertrand’s desk around 7:30 each morning.


A few semi-related thoughts as I plan this week’s menus

I am fucking accomplished in every other area of my life. Why can’t I control what I put in my mouth? And why do I order a second demi-carafe of wine when I know I’m going to regret the calories the next morning? A colleague whom I respect greatly made an offhand comment to me about being on a diet. She’s an accomplished leader, mother, cook, superwoman. If she’s not...


Good reads for February 26th

Friday photo: Showing the flag | FP Passport – Libyan embassy staff raise pre-Qaddafi flag at Libyan ambassador's residence in Washington PointsPlus Values – Don't know how long this will be free. A Graphical Analysis Of Lady-Hating Online Trolls –


There is not enough coffee in this world

Today I got up early to write and work. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up 30-minutes earlier to walk and then write. It’ll only give me 30 minutes, but the sunshine is now so hot after work that it’s miserable walking home. Even right now, before dawn, it’s humid and uncomfortable. Oh, rainy season, you are miserable. I didn’t actually get up because I wanted to write. I got up...


Good reads for February 20th

In Liberia, splurging on sushi to feel at home – – WTF there's sushi in MONROVIA, but not in COTONOU? I AM MOVING. In Liberia, splurging on sushi to feel at home – – WTF there's sushi in MONROVIA, but not in COTONOU? I AM MOVING. / Africa – Cash runs out at Ivory Coast banks – RT @penelopeinparis "Ivorian civil servants – unlike those elsewhere...


On going out for drinks. Anywhere. Ever.

I love Happy Hour with expats and Peace Corps Volunteers. But every fucking Saturday, the check is a fucking hassle. Ridiculous! Dear everyone in the world who will have to share a check with someone sometime during your life (expats, volunteers, and muggles alike), Here are some rules for going out for drinks or food: You cannot pay just the price of your meal. You must leave a tip. If...