This morning, Mom emailed me to let me know that this blog has a virus! Or rather, that somehow SVO had been hacked, and it was making her anti-virus software go nuts every time she visited. Hmmmm. I wiped the slate clean, so please let me know if this is still happening to anyone else!продвижение… Read More Reboot?


Lentil loaf

Turns out, cooking split red lentils has nothing in common with cooking regular brown lentils. Or maybe I just buy a lot of stale brown lentils. After soaking the red lentils in water for an hour, I put them on the stove. I think they were done even before the water boiled. So now I’ve… Read More Lentil loaf

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Egg Scramble

Oh, egg scrambles, how I love you so. Delicious vegetables. Lots of protein. Not lots of calories. It’s a perfect way to start my day (and a perfect way to use up old vegetables before I hit the market on the weekends). The recipe is simple: chop whatever vegetables you like, sautee them, pour eggs… Read More Egg Scramble

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Vegetable skewers

Now that we’re hitting the beach several times a month, I need some good, portable, grillable recipes. Just grill delicious meat and fish you say? Guess what Bertrand and I gave up for Lent. Enter the vegetable skewer. Benin’s got delicious cheese. It’s kind of like ricotta, except that it’s solid, has a tofu-like texture,… Read More Vegetable skewers

Daily Grind


I haven’t been blogging because I hate this blog. There. I said it. THIS BLOG MAKES ME CRAZY. It is annoying (like me), neurotic (like me), and damn unfunny (unlike me). I’ve written enough “I can’t find my voice” posts to sink a damn battleship. The strange thing is that I have a few “fitness… Read More Linkdump!


I walked 5k!

I had a wonderful weekend! I went to the beach, got a pedicure, ate delicious food, and walked 5k! Of course, I chose to walk 5k downtown on a busy Sunday evening, in a see-through white T-Shirt, in sticky, sweaty, humid weather. It was like waving a sign, “Come harass Theresa!” Lucky for me, I’m… Read More I walked 5k!

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Good reads for March 24th

Le Bénin touché par le mal ivoirien | Slate Afrique – Excellent background article on what's going on RT @annagueye Bénin touché par le mal ivoirien – #benin2011 #civ2010 Jolome Bénin – RT @SenamBeheton: For those interested in information about #Benin2011 check out Nice news aggregation source. Ivorian crisis threatens region: Liberia’s Sirleaf – RT… Read More Good reads for March 24th