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36 weeks on Monday!

Costco frozen pizza is superior to anything we can get delivered here in Crystal City. Yum. As spending time on my feet gets progressively more uncomfortable, we’re getting more and more enthusiastic about dinners that don’t require any effort to make. Like pizza and salad. Last night we went to a good-bye party for some… Read More 36 weeks on Monday!

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On motherhood, careers, and having it all

I only talk about gender, motherhood, and families in the Foreign Service with other women. Is that weird? While I certainly have male friends here, I find myself reluctant to complain about the inequalities and difficulties that we face to what I imagine will be an audience made unfriendly by its blind privilege. Maybe this… Read More On motherhood, careers, and having it all

Daily Grind


My A-100 suits got my through A-100, although barely. The last few days of class were a bit uncomfortable, and while I could have just put on the belly band, it felt too much like giving into the inevitable. Guess what? Giving in to the inevitable feels great! Once I got over the humiliation that… Read More PANTS!