One small step for GSO, one huge step for me

My travel orders came in today! These orders are the magic words that officially make it possible for Bertrand and I schedule our move back to the States for training. Up until today, all my promises about being home for the 4th were really just speculation and wishful thinking. Travel reserved our plane tickets and Shipping submitted my pack-out request, which means that embassy-wise, we’re ready to go. Whoo-hoo! I...



SVO’s moved to a new server! Despite rebooting serveral times, I was unable to solve the malware problem, so I up and moved. Archives will be back as soon as I get back to Cotonou from Parakou. In the meantime, enjoy visiting my blog w/o risk of downloading a virus.seo в яндекс


The road to where is paved with good intentions?

Why am I only now discovering the ICT4D Jester? Oh, lost hero, how well you express my doubts and fears about ICTs and development. One of the reasons I no longer actively blog about technology for development and in developing contexts is because I feel like an asshole when I criticize some of the big movers and shakers in the sector. There are occasionally other critical voices, but many (and...


On privilege

Let me be very clear. What goes on in my uterus is none of your motherfucking business. I doesn’t matter whether I abort, whether I don’t abort, whether I’m looking forward to having a baby, whether I’m terrified about having a baby, whether I drink, whether I smoke, whether I eat shellfish, whether I eat deli meats, whether I sit with my legs crossed, whether I take a shot of...


Life changing events

Yesterday, I received and accepted an offer from the Foreign Service. When I took the FSOT last June, I never expected to pass (OK, I kind of did, but I was more stressed about what my coworkers would think if I didn’t pass than I was worried about actually becoming a Foreign Service Officer). After passing the written exam, I never expected to get past the QEP (OK, I kind...



This morning, Mom emailed me to let me know that this blog has a virus! Or rather, that somehow SVO had been hacked, and it was making her anti-virus software go nuts every time she visited. Hmmmm. I wiped the slate clean, so please let me know if this is still happening to anyone else!продвижение сайта


On maintaining marital harmony when moving 5000 miles away

Any day now, offers are going to come out for the July class. At 23/236 on the register, I’d say my shot at a July offer is about 50/50 right now. It’s high enough to keep the ants in my pants, but low enough that I feel comfortable slacking on starting our household inventory. Bertrand and I have started many conversations about what could happen should we need to pack...


Nope, still not moving home, Mom!

So the May Diplomat School* class was canceled. And then uncanceled. Invitations went out yesterday and today. No, I am not among the lucky. My score is good enough that I wouldn’t normally need to worry about eventually receiving an invitation, but in this age of squabbling over budgets and debt-ceilings, all bets are off. We, the great unwashed hopeful future officers, are all counting on July and September classes....


Lentil loaf

Turns out, cooking split red lentils has nothing in common with cooking regular brown lentils. Or maybe I just buy a lot of stale brown lentils. After soaking the red lentils in water for an hour, I put them on the stove. I think they were done even before the water boiled. So now I’ve got a few cups of lentil mush. It’s delicious mush, but never-the-less, still mush. That’s...