Daily Grind

Lazy Sundays

Sundays are cooking days. I get up early, go to the market, then prep all of our meals for the week. Here in Freetown, the routine is changing somewhat because I don’t have any way to get to the market. Until my own car arrives in a few months, I have to use motor pool… Read More Lazy Sundays


Egg in an avocado

Perhaps you’ve seen the gorgeous egg-in-avocado recipe that’s been floating around Pinterest. My version was also beautiful. Unfortunately, beautiful != delicious. I always forget how bland avocados are when baked. The texture was luxurious, but combined with the egg, the dish needed more than just a bit of salt, pepper, and olive oil. I’m sure… Read More Egg in an avocado

Daily Grind

We made it to Freetown!

The trip to Freetown was not as difficult and harrowing as expected. On all three legs of the trip (DC -> Brussels, Brussels -> Lungi Airport, Lungi Airport -> Freetown), people were incredibly understanding and helpful about the baby. As someone whose friends are largely child-free by choice at this point in my life, it’s… Read More We made it to Freetown!

Getting it off my chest

On Freetown and well meaning State Department employees

Please stop saying, “I’m sorry,” when I say that I’m going to Freetown. Bertrand and I are thrilled for many reasons, among them the fact that, of the many challenges offered by the Foreign Service, the challenges that we’ll face in Freetown are among those we are very familiar with. Power? Water? Lack of availability… Read More On Freetown and well meaning State Department employees