New list of FS Blogs

With a great deal of help from the Foreign Service blogging community, I’ve put together a list of FS Blogs.  At that link is also an OPML file that you can download to import the list of blogs into your newsreader of choice. Enjoy!продвижение

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Teddy Roosevelt Island

I got up early this morning and went for run with a fellow FS runner (she actually IS a runner, as opposed to my shuffling and whuffling) around Teddy Roosevelt Island this morning. I repeated last week’s mistake and dragged my toddler along, which was fun, but detrimental to our plan to get a good… Read More Teddy Roosevelt Island

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5k training

Yeah!  5k!  Holy shit, it’s less than a month away and I AM SO NOT READY. I’ve been complaining for months now (seriously, since before we left Freetown) that the tires in the Bob are flat.  The damn thing still pushes pretty easily, but not so easily that I want to run with it.  Sure,… Read More 5k training