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What I’ve Been Reading – 3/9/18

Late Night Paperwork Party This delightful description of what one family goes through to get Foreign Service vouchers processed and paperwork done is startlingly like the process my family goes through.  (Although Ashley is much more good natured about it than I am, for sure.) Still Here encapsulates my feelings perfectly about my work right now. The Dirty Secret of ‘Secret Family Recipes’: a delightful description of how so many...

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What I’ve Been Reading – 10/21/16

What the Chef Rick Bayless Can’t Travel Without I love these peeks into what pro-travelers always bring with them. I can’t decide whether it’s precious or weird or awesome, but I love the idea of keeping a spool of ribbon in my bag to dress up gifts. Since we’ve switched from hotels to AirBnB, through, we’ve noticed a lot less need to bring along extra stuff. For Immigrants ‘Broken Into...

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What I’ve Been Reading – 10/7/16

Ask Polly: My Boyfriend’s Ex Is Torturing Me! I completely get it. I have put on the rubber gloves and bagged the evidence, for days. I have bagged evidence against women I barely knew, barely cared about, wasn’t even competing with in any way. Sometimes I just want to state my case like some overeager law-school student who thinks her career will be just like Law & Order but with...

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What I’m Reading – Friday, June 10, 2016

Success! I found my travel-work-life balance (for now) All of this may not be my vocation, but I’m enjoying it, and the stability is giving me some space for creativity. It’s a huge relief to not continually be asking myself “what should I do with my life?”. The question does still linger, but I’ve stopped fretting about finding the perfect answer and am taking the time to appreciate what I’m...


What I’m Reading, 2/26/16

Period pain can be “almost as bad as a heart attack.” Why aren’t we researching how to treat it? Before I had my MRI scans, I told my primary care doctor that the pain seemed to be triggered by my period. He didn’t think this was relevant and ignored the comment. Later, when scans showed my discs were in place, the specialist said my pain was likely due to nerve...


What I’ve Been Reading – 7/24/2015

The Year I Embraced Minimalism and Completed a Yearlong Shopping Ban I also added takeout coffee to the list of things I was not allowed to purchase. I’ve been drinking coffee for 15 years and, by the time I started the ban, I was buying $5 lattes at least 4-5 days/week ($80-100/month). That’s not a lot of money, in the grand scheme of things, but it was still money I...


What I’m Reading 11/3/14

Introducing the Awesome Ladies Creative Team Kristin has put together an amazing group of Awesome Ladies to promote feminist scrapping and the Awesome Ladies Community. I’m honored to be part of it! Basically, this means that instead of just posting about CrossFit, I’ll be posting about CrossFit AND scrapbooking. Win for me, win for you! What Do You Tell Your Children About The Internet? But also if somehow something weird...


What I’ve been reading – 8/30/14

What I Want You To Know About Being A Safe Family What I want you to know is that tonight there are three extra kids sleeping in my house because their mother is homeless. She is young, has no family, and has three children under the age of five. I want you to know that we get, on average, seven emails a week about kids who need placements from Safe...


What I’m Reading, because I’m too fried to do anything else

I’ve been doing more reading than writing these days. I feel like I can do three out of four things: study, spend time with the kids, exercise, and blog. Sleeping has, of course, been out of the question for the last several months since Jamsine was born. Humans of New York I normally go into my conversations with a set of proven questions to ask, that I find will elicit a...


Good reads for March 24th

Le Bénin touché par le mal ivoirien | Slate Afrique – Excellent background article on what's going on RT @annagueye Bénin touché par le mal ivoirien – #benin2011 #civ2010 Jolome Bénin – RT @SenamBeheton: For those interested in information about #Benin2011 check out Nice news aggregation source. Ivorian crisis threatens region: Liberia’s Sirleaf – RT @emeka_okafor The 'Ivorian crisis threatens region: Liberia's Sirleaf' #ivorycoast #liberia #benin2011 сайт