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Bertrand relaxing in his hammock at Sipopo Beach, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea 0

First Impressions of Malabo

We made it to Malabo. Finally. After leaving Jerusalem in February of 2017, it felt like we’d never get here. Malabo is complex. Equatorial Guinea is complex. To set the scene for blogging over the next few years, I will not publicly grapple with colonial legacies and living here as a wealthy white woman married to a Beninese-American while carrying a diplomatic passport.  Certainly, readers, we can discuss that in person...

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Next stop, Equatorial Guinea!

I am damn pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a handshake to be the Management Officer at Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. We’ll leave Jerusalem next April, spend several months in DC, then arrive in Malabo in January 2018. This is a bit insider baseball to those not familiar with the Foreign Service, but very briefly, just because we get jobs as diplomats doesn’t guarantee awesome postings for the rest of our...