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In which theresa expresses some frustration

I fucking love Mondays. I am an “up and at ‘em” type of woman, and I’m almost always at my desk around 7:30 on Monday mornings. I’m excited to start the week. I’m excited to get work done. I’m excited to fix any gaffes from the week before. It’s a wonderful fantastic feeling. And every single fucking week, by 10:00, there have been enough frustrations and fuck-ups to make me...


In which theresa is fucking tired.

You walk out of your office after a frustrating training session with your teaching assistant. Using a f/oss version means that you don’t know it as well as you’d like, which makes it correspondingly difficult to teach the program in a coherent manner. Instead of letting you walk home by yourself, your student walks beside you, chattering about the rest of the course, will you cover how password protect pages,...


Makes ya’ think.

Fourteen things to learn from the Google story also apply remarkably well to development. Because that’s the ideal, right? Creatively solve problems in a way that makes the world a better (or at least more interesting) place and puts money in people’s pockets at the same time. Weirdly


Birthday, take 2

It was definitely weird running into some of my students last night in a club. To end my (second day of) birthday festivities, we’d finally made it downtown to dance the night away to some pretty good live music. We were in remarkably good shape, considering it was after midnight, and we’d started before six. After stumbling in, laughing because we thought we’d gotten in free (not quite). Of course...


On birthdays and clean clothes

My birthday was incredible (as they usually are). I am now, as I have been elsewhere in life, blessed with amazing friends. So thanks, everyone. I’m going to wrap up the celebrations with a small fête this weekend. The culinary preparations have commenced, and the food is going to be absolutely delicious. In other news, I have a new laundry girl. My old laundry girl doubled as a maid/ janitor...

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The web design market in Benin isn’t necessarily underdeveloped; however, there’s a pretty serious lack of professionals with real design skills. There are a number of firms out there creating boring static webpages with Dreamweaver, which would be fine, except that there’s a severe lack of understanding of the underlying concepts. No problem, right? As long as they can create more-or-less professional looking pages, who cares? Actually, it’s a big...


I fucking rock.

By the time I’m done with this project, I’ll be eating PHP and MySQL for breakfast.интернет реклама продвижение сайта


This morning, you woke up in Africa.

The first of two dry seasons has begun in Cotonou. The ground is no longer cooled by daily rains and that during the day, the sun beats down through humidity that isn’t quite thick enough to cause rain fall. Like during the long dry season, everyone suddenly remembers why there’s a two and a half hour break in the middle of each day. The punishing heat from the sun impedes...


Je viens!

Everyone at work is telling me I look nice today. The only difference between today and any other day is that I’m wearing dangly earrings, my hair is clipped up instead of being thrown back in a ponytail, and I put on mascara and lipgloss. Essentially, I took 5 minutes out of my morning to put on the gloss. Apparantly, those 5 minutes make all the difference. I’m not sure...


I’m a morning person.

Nobody’s job actually depends on showing on time, so as you can imagine, nobody ever does. My favorite part of the day is between 7h30 and 9h30. The first 45 minutes of that is terribly productive. I draft emails (for later feview by a native French speaker), finalize work I did the previous day, prep for meetings, occasionally work on secondary projects, etc. Starting around 8h15, the rest of the...