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Join Us for the Awesome Ladies Project this Friday!

Are you awesome?  Could you be considered a lady by any crazy stretch of the definition?  Do you love crafting and struggle to set aside time to work on projects that make YOU feel GREAT? Join The Awesome Ladies Project and pledge two hours a month to creating a project that makes you feel like an awesome lady. Creating Makes You Feel Awesome I, along with the other ladies on the Awesome...


On nourishing what I love, and consuming less of what I don’t

This year, I chose “nourish” as my One Little Word. Like last year’s word, “breathe,” it feels a little bit out of character for me. I’m an excellent planner and project manager. I’m hyper-organized. I’m on top of everything. I am not a particularly warm and fuzzy person. You can tell when I’m starting to fall apart when I lose details, as when we were preparing to leave the States...


Documenting the holidays: Keeping it small, keeping it simple

I am an avid scrapbooker.  I began when my first daughter was born, and realized how ephemeral our wealth of digital photos really was. Since then, we’ve had hard drive failures, toddlers spilling coffee on laptops, and a number of international moves.  These days, I think of the scrapbooks as a physical backup of the memories we’ve worked so hard to photograph. One of the biggest challenges, though, of documenting memories on...