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Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Mmmm...tortilla soup!

You’d think leftover tortillas would be easier to get rid of. Unfortunately, once they’ve started to go a bit stale, their usefulness in Tex Mex dishes is a curve approaching zero. Tacos and burritos are definitely out. Quesadillas are OK, but they take a lot of cheese and oil, two foods I’m not enthusiastic about right now. Enchilladas are really best with fresh or day old tortillas. Four or five days out, they’re not flexible enough to wrap around fillings and they absorb the sauce poorly.

Enter tortilla soup, a recipe that actually works better the older and dryer your tortillas. And while most recipes call for corn tortillas, this one use flour (mostly because it’s all I’ve got), giving the fried chips a wonderful nutty taste. Continue reading

Egg Drop Soup

Eggdrop Soup

I love egg drop soup. It’s hard to find here, in Benin, although rumor has it that there’s one Chinese restaurant that has a passable version. Lucky for me, it’s dead simple to make and super-low calorie too. This may be the only soup recipe where I tell you to go ahead and use faux-broth instead of making it from scratch, but it’s worth it to keep the recipe easy and quick. Continue reading

Modified recipe: Zucchini Garlic Soup

I am addicted to chicken broth. Not the gross sodium-filled broth in a can or broth from a cube, but delicious homemade chicken broth made by boiling leftover bones, onions, garlic, and carrots in a liter or so of water.

I am not equally addicted to zucchinis, but we are still getting them in our CSA, and I needed a healthy low-cal way to:

  1. get some much needed salt into my system
  2. use up a bunch of zucchini
  3. keep me full until poker night started at 9pm

Soup it is! Continue reading