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Egg Scramble

Oh, egg scrambles, how I love you so. Delicious vegetables. Lots of protein. Not lots of calories. It’s a perfect way to start my day (and a perfect way to use up old vegetables before I hit the market on the weekends). The recipe is simple: chop whatever vegetables you like, sautee them, pour eggs over veggies, cook eggs, eat. I usually have tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchinis, and onions on...


Vegetable skewers

Now that we’re hitting the beach several times a month, I need some good, portable, grillable recipes. Just grill delicious meat and fish you say? Guess what Bertrand and I gave up for Lent. Enter the vegetable skewer. Benin’s got delicious cheese. It’s kind of like ricotta, except that it’s solid, has a tofu-like texture, and doesn’t melt, and grills up perfectly. Oh wait, it’s nothing like ricotta. Start your...


Monday + day off work = well balanced meals

I had a great post typed up for yesterday, and Evernote lost it! Boo! Anyway,  here’s the delicious food: Benin’s got amazingly delicious (and cheap!) fruits! So I nosh on mandarin oranges when I need a quick pick-me-up. We had tacos for lunch, mostly because I need to use up the rest of last week’s tortillas. The picture is blurry, so you don’t get to see it. And for dinner,...


Pumpkin Seeds

It seems like a silly thing to write up a recipe on how to cook pumpkin seeds. Everyone knows how to do that, right? Turns out, my neighborhood kids didn’t even know you could eat them! Pumpkin is not a regular part of a well balanced Beninese diet. Also, I had to enter the nutrtion information into the Daily Plate anyway. They’re super calorific and super delicious. Ingredients 1c pumpkin...


Scrambled eggs over spinach and shallots

Is there anything better than spinach first thing in the morning? It’s a delicious and nutritious start to the day. Others may write odes to oatmeal, but I think I’ll write mine to spinach and eggs. I’m a savory breakfast person, and although I eat overnight oats almost every day, it’s usually as a mid-morning snack. I just can’t handle the sweetness fresh back from my walk.


Pumpkin Butter

Everybody and their mother has a recipe for pumpkin butter. I like mine because it’s easy. I can only get fresh pumpkin here in Cotonou, so that’s what I use. For the love of God, don’t roast a whole goddamn pumpkin just for this recipe. Use the canned stuff. Apple cider can be substituted for apple juice, but I like the tartness that comes from good fresh juice.


Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

You’d think leftover tortillas would be easier to get rid of. Unfortunately, once they’ve started to go a bit stale, their usefulness in Tex Mex dishes is a curve approaching zero. Tacos and burritos are definitely out. Quesadillas are OK, but they take a lot of cheese and oil, two foods I’m not enthusiastic about right now. Enchilladas are really best with fresh or day old tortillas. Four or five...


Homemade flour tortillas

I have been searching for a perfect tortilla recipe since I landed in Benin 5 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer. They’re so versatile and so important to the Peace Corps diet, and yet, I hated making them. Doughs that were too stretch to roll right, crunchy rounds that didn’t fold around taco fillings, and tasteless recipes that just weren’t up to scratch. No longer.


Fried eggs over spinach and leeks

Weekday breakfasts are hard. My standby is overnight oats. Mix rolled oats, milk, bananas, and brown sugar together the night before, throw a tupperware in my bag on the way out the door, and snack on delicious cold oatmeal around 9am when the hectic morning finally calms down. Weekends, however, are another matter entirely. Fried eggs over spinach and leeks Sauté a few leeks and garlic cloves with a very...