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How to become a runner.

Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – How to become a runner

How to become a runner: put on your shoes, go outside, and start running. How to become a CrossFitter: put on your shoes, go to a box, and start CrossFitting. How to become a lifter: put on your shoes, to to the gym, and start lifting. Yes yes yes yes yes, research boxes and...

Fat Crossfitter - too tired to shower, can't to to bed sweaty

Diary of a Fat CrossFitter – CrossFitting in Jerusalem

I went to CrossFit Jerusalem for the first time earlier this week. After a month off, I’d forgot how wonderfully exhausting lifting + a WOD can be. Folks were very welcoming, although the athletes and coaches totally made fun of me for being so American about introducing myself to everyone. Habits die hard. It was a...


Sunset run around the National Mall and saying good-bye

My running buddy took off for even cooler climes at her new post this weekend, so it looks like I’ll be on my own in knocking off a few spots off my DC running bucket list before I take off for Maryland, then Jerusalem, in a few weeks.*  We’ve been in DC since February, and it’s only now...