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On Freedom of the Press in Benin, and the New Lack Thereof

Freedom of the press and the right to say what I want, when I want, is something I take for granted. Despite the many problems that plague American media, our right to free speech is well protected. The press, while beholden to its corporate interests, does not fear jail or sanctions for telling the truth, nor for expressing a negative opinion about the current administration. On November 3, CAPP FM,...


ORTB is now available online!

ORTB emissions are available online! It looks like they go up as soon as filming ends; today’s Revue de Presse is already available. It looks like it’s the nightly news, both for television and radio, and the revue de presse that are available right now. There are also some documentaries online, mostly having to do with tourisme. Their URLs suck (this could be fixed with a Joomla plugin, btw), and...


I’m a winner!

A few weeks ago, Afrigator launched the second round of their Afigreater competition. For the month of December, they asked their users to talk about things that make them crazy about the service. It was a brave move. A lot of people complained about basic usability issues. I complained about its English language bias. In this great continent, why does it feel like everything useful is only available in English?...


Why is the Afrigator site only available in English?

I recently found Afrigator, an aggregator for the African blogosphere. Actually, I found it a long time ago, but just recently created an account. I’m not only jumping back into blogging myself, but also working to encourage blogging and bloggers here in Benin, and Afrigator’s a great tool. Right now, there isn’t a better way to see what’s going on over here. If you’re an Angolphone. I’ve fallen in love...


How did I not see this before?

How did I not see this before?  InCorporate Nigeria, a “magazine for the Nigerian Professional,” is actually . . . not so bad.  The writing is occasionally juvenile, but it’s an interesting look into the world of Nigerian corporate lifestyles.  I imagine that, if the magazine takes off, it will improve as readership (and ad revenues) increase.topod


On holding a press conference here in Benin

A few weeks ago, ONG People Online (my NGO) held its first press conference. To be more precise, one of the newspapers with whom we work held the press conference to launch their new site. First, realize that despite Benin’s high ranking on scales that measure the freedom of their press, the press in Benin is neither free as in libre nor free as in beer. A few days before...



I keep swearing that I’m done reading books about Africa by white people. Or non-Africans. Or RPCVs. Or hard-bitten journalists. Or whatever author most recently annoyed me about his or her experiences as a white man/ woman in Africa. Occasionally I am also annoyed by how blacks choose to write about their experiences in Africa as well. But the point is, I want to read more about African’s experience in...