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What I’ve Been Reading – 10/7/16

Ask Polly: My Boyfriend’s Ex Is Torturing Me! I completely get it. I have put on the rubber gloves and bagged the evidence, for days. I have bagged evidence against women I barely knew, barely cared about, wasn’t even competing with in any way. Sometimes I just want to state my case like some overeager law-school student who thinks her career will be just like Law & Order but with...


10 years of blogging, and I’m back!

The blog went down last week, and I’m still not sure why.  Some combination of a plugin + theme + something was telling WordPress to display … nothing.  No admin, no blog, no nothing.  It was awful and it’s been a frustrating week and I got up an hour earlier than normal this morning to sit down and straighten everything out. UGH. If things are wonky over the next few...


Remember when I said things would be wonky around here?

And then I said I would be done by 9:00? And three days later, the blog is still wonky? Well … the wonkiness will probably last a bit, but I’m finally FINALLY on the way to a blog I like the look of. While I expect I’ll continue to tweak the look and organization over the next several weeks, I think that the big changes are done for the moment....


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack (I hope)!

I haven’t been writing because life has been completely overwhelming lately. Well, not just life. Life in the Foreign Service, which ties so closely to work as to make it impossible to write about life without also writing about work. I didn’t realize until I logged in today that I hadn’t actually published a post since November. Whoops. There’s a great deal of discussion in the FS blogging community about...


Changes are a-comin’!

I cannot maintain more than one blog. There, I said it. It’s too much effort to have to think about tone, professionalism, cross-over, and what my State colleagues and future supervisors will think of everyhing. I’d intended to keep blogging about food and homemaking on HMNIT, and professionally on SVO, but Foreign Service is life is that I’m not actually doing much professional blogging these days. SVO has been around...



I’ve never felt guilty about being one of the haves. I was born white, middle-class, straight, Protestant to parents who saw that I got a good education, gave me a love of reading and learning, and who were well enough that I could take off to see the world straight out of college. Privilege is my middle name. I’m OK with that, but I spend a lot of time thinking...



SVO’s moved to a new server! Despite rebooting serveral times, I was unable to solve the malware problem, so I up and moved. Archives will be back as soon as I get back to Cotonou from Parakou. In the meantime, enjoy visiting my blog w/o risk of downloading a virus.seo в яндекс



This morning, Mom emailed me to let me know that this blog has a virus! Or rather, that somehow SVO had been hacked, and it was making her anti-virus software go nuts every time she visited. Hmmmm. I wiped the slate clean, so please let me know if this is still happening to anyone else!продвижение сайта


Possible feed wonkiness

I switched the RSS/atom feeds over to FeedBurner this morning. There *shouldn’t* be any problems, but if there are, please holler!коммерческое предложение по оптимизации сайта