Daily Grind

I love my car.

Seriously, the poor thing just seems to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Wednesday went sort of like this: Get in car, turn on lights, drive to Baltimore, park. Get out of car, walk to work. Leave work early, walk to car, open car door, realize OMFG I LEFT THE LIGHTS ON. Fail at… Read More I love my car.

Daily Grind

I wouldn’t hit that.

Another quake shakes S.E. Asia. Friends have pointed out that the last one was the day after Xmas, and this one was the day after Easter. My favorite analysis of this is here.раскрутки сайтов

Peace Corps


Got my medical packet on Friday! After some reassurance from the PC LJ Community, I’m not freaking out about it. There are some good recommendations in there, like, oh I don’t know, quitting smoking. For those of you who don’t know, during the interview, the recruiter asks if there’s anyone in your life who isn’t… Read More Forms-a-Go-Go

Daily Grind

Sex, Sex, and more Sex

A Texas lawmaker wants to end ribald cheerleading at high school football games and in compeititons. Now call me a product of my times, but, um, what’s the point? Girls with bare midriffs and short skirts are going to inspire lust in their pubescent (and older) counterparts no matter what. How is asking the girls… Read More Sex, Sex, and more Sex

What I'm Reading


One more reason to drink beer. What are those brownies frosted with? A teenager has agreed to admit to three counts of disturbing the peace after anonymously sending semen-frosted brownies to a fellow student. The recipient shared the treat with two other teens, police said. Striped Shirts Fucking Rule Supermarket Superhero. Rocky vs. the meat… Read More Round-up

Daily Grind

Kick me.

This week has been all about getting my ass kicked. Homework, projects, and districts prep kicked my ass last week. Then districts kicked my ass. Then meetings kicked my ass. Then studying kicked my ass. I just came from midterms kicking my ass. And I’m sure that tonight’s meeting will kick my ass as well.… Read More Kick me.

Daily Grind

Districts were a ton of fun. Flew up to UConn for a few days to get my TBS on. Met a lot of fascinating people (most of whom have facebook stalked me in the last 24 hours). Didn’t sleep at all. Then came home to a lot of meetings that never seemed to end. It… Read More

Daily Grind


Yesterday: 65 degrees. People wearing shorts in downtown Baltimore. Today: The National Weather service claims a visibility of 1/4 mile, when in reality, the snow in College Park is so thick you can’t see traffic signals more than a few cars ahead of you. I fucking hate this state.раскрутка