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On making baby food

After my last post, I got a few questions (and a few snarky emails) about making my own baby food. Here’s the thing. This works for me. I spend all day Sunday cooking *anyway* (thanks, paleo!). So it’s no big deal for me to steam more vegetables, then puree them before making some paleo mayo.… Read More On making baby food


Good-bye, Seattle

Last day in Seattle. It feels like it should have been a whirlwind trip, but getting two extra days here really made a difference in how relaxed we are. Case in point, I am at a cafe this morning, drinking a delicious latte and typing this blog post. I have been surprised at what an… Read More Good-bye, Seattle

Daily Grind


I am grateful that, although my toddler still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, I can yell, “WAIT! Don’t eat that! It’s trash!” and she happily stops and throws it away. WHEW. Things she has tried to eat this morning: a silica gel packet, a dried black bean, an empty Larabar wrapper, rose petals, a black… Read More Gratitude