Back in Malabo. Ish.

I am back in Malabo.  I volunteered to come back.  So here I am.

My spouse and kids are in the US.  It’s heartbreaking for me now, and I miss them, but I suspect that we’ll settle into a “new normal” relatively soon.

A few observations from the last few months:

Full productivity with the kids at home is impossible.  I am a highly productive person (no false modesty here, obviously), and I was merely productive while I was trying to work full time and also care for my kids full time.  

This is fucking hard.  My family has access to a LOT of resources, and we are still struggling.  I’m appalled at the lack of support for folks who have it a lot fucking harder than we do.  It’s true that there are no good options, but it’s also true that a lot of really fucking bad options are being imposed on folks by the lack of foresight and compassion by the State.

I really like my job.  Like, I ENJOY doing the work I have to do every day, and I LOVE the types of projects and deliverables I get to work on.  Even more importantly, I have fantastic coworkers, both American and otherwise.

My days have been filled with work and family for the past two years, and I have forgotten how to fill free time when I am not running around supporting my family and my job.  I have deleted Facebook from my phone, I am learning how to make mixed media paper crafts and how to embroider, and picking back up all of the hobbies I’ve dropped due to lack of time over the years.

And that’s it.  More adventures to come.

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