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I expected this article about what a bad idea it is to bring your whole self to work to be about how your coworkers do not GAF about your weird habits, your neuroses, and your medical problems. They care about you showing up, bring a professional, and doing your fucking job. My colleagues (and this includes me at both my grouchiest and my most ridiculous) are shit at this.

Anyway, the point the article does make is still pretty good:

In an age when organizations seem so preoccupied with diversity and inclusion, the least we can ask an employer to do is to create a culture where people feel accepted and respected irrespective of how invested they are in their work personas. In fact, the only reason to expect everyone to come and find a sense of purpose or a higher sense of calling at work is if they are part of a cult (note that culture and cult share the same root).

My employer is shit at that, actually.

However, here is some excellent advice about Making 2020 the Year off Maximum Enthusiasm:

Maybe some of the stuff you love, that you’re passionate about, isn’t cool. Hey, this is 2020. Everything is cool. Irony is either everything, or dead. Be honest: When you see someone wearing a Motley Crue t-shirt, you don’t know if they’re serious, or wearing it to be ironic, do you? Do you like Motley Crue? Then ROCK THAT SHIT. And spread happiness.

Maximum Enthusiasm. Sign me up.

And finally, gorgeous illustrations of Doctor Who in China

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