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Stuff I like on and off the Internet #1

While I may be resolving to write more, I am also trying to read more interesting stuff both on the Internet and off. So. Here we are. I dislike intensely my previous “What I’m reading” title for the bits and bobs and links that I share on a totally irregular basis. I am searching for a new title for this occasional list, so please share any ideas in the comments or via email (theresac at gmail, as it ever were).

On the Internet

I really like The Work Edit’s workday reading.  Good links, and, as I slowly and painfully shift my work style from “barely rolled out of bed” to somewhat (only somewhat, alas) more polished and put together, also very helpful style suggestions and products.

Why don’t Women Self Promote as Much as Men? 

In every setting we explored, we observed a substantial gender gap in self-promotion: Women systematically provided less favorable assessments of their own past performance and potential future ability than equally performing men. And our various study versions revealed that this gender gap was not driven by confidence or by strategic incentives, and that it was robust both in the face of ambiguity and under increased transparency.

LOL. Because there is deep and intense punishment for doing so. Related: Carry Yourself With the Confidence of a Male Scientist 

Overall, after adjusting for things such as the year of publication and how often positive words are generally used in the article’s area of study, the authors found that research articles whose first and last authors were both women were 12 percent less likely to use positive terms than articles whose first author or last author, or both, were men. The gender difference was especially large in journals that are cited more often by other scientists, and it held up regardless of the true novelty of the findings. Many of the male authors certainly did important, groundbreaking work—but it was no more important and groundbreaking than the female authors’.

YIKES. The study goes on to note that papers that use more positive language are more likely to be cited down the road, helping to build more prestigious careers for male scientists solely based on the language they use to describe their work.

And finally, an Ode to the Women Who are “Too Much” i.e. so many of the women I’m blessed to have in my life:

We need you to be your strong, imperfect, direct, funny, brash, hilarious, sometimes intimidating self. We need you to surround yourself with people who don’t need to diminish you in order to feel more secure. We need your ideas, your vision, your leadership, your presence… all of it, 120 proof. If we need a chaser after being around you, that’s up to us to figure that out. 

Off the Internet

Part of my new year’s resolutions is reducing the amount of clutter in my life: physical clutter, mental clutter, digital clutter. The More of Less is Josh Becker’s guide to becoming a minimalist. The book isn’t terribly meaty, but it is a good introduction to minimalism. I don’t know that I aspire to minimalism so much as just removing a little bit of the frustration of having too much stuff in my life, but I enjoyed Becker’s thoughts and his concrete illustrations of how to tackle some of the obstacles I’ve found in my question to declutter.

Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir is excellent. This is the Goodreads description:

Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth unveils a solar system of swordplay, cut-throat politics, and lesbian necromancers. Her characters leap off the page, as skillfully animated as arcane revenants. The result is a heart-pounding epic science fantasy.

That description is 100% accurate. It is hilarious and heartbreaking and astoundingly good for such a ridiculous and entertaining premise.

And finally, here is one of my favorite photos from my family’s fall trip to the Iberian Peninsula. I will eventually get around to writing about that trip, but until then:

Bertrand and the girls feeding the birds at the beach in Nazare, Portugal
Bertrand and the girls feeding the birds at the beach in Nazare, Portugal

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