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On new beginnings, but not quite the new year (yet)

A dear friend told me today that she wants more routine in her life, and in particular, a calming evening ritual of tea and a book before bed. There’s something magic about curling up with hot tea and an engrossing story at the end of a long and frustrating day.

Or a long and frustrating year, as the case may be.

So here I am tonight, with a mug of turmeric coconut tea, searching for words to describe how wonderful and difficult this year has been, and writing and erasing and rewriting resolutions so that next year may be fulled with yet more wonder, but hopefully a little bit less frustration.

We continued our tradition of going to the beach for Christmas this year. For those of you who would remind me that it’s typically cold in the U.S. for Christmastime, I remind you that we are typically not in the U.S. for Christmas, and that in her short life, Jasmine has spent more Christmases on the beach than not.

photo by an honorary family member and “auntie”

And so, I present to you Grace, who is sitting in the surf, enjoying a freshly grilled kebab, supplied to her by one of her many “uncles,” who frankly, are kinder to my kid than I am, and to whom I am grateful for sharing the joyful burden of parenting.

Christmas on the beach with friends and our found family was wonderful. Equally wonderful have been the quiet moments at home, post-Christmas, reflecting on the passage of time, how quickly the children have grown, and much work there is to do next year to assure that 2020 is, as 2019 was, the best year of our lives.

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