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Malabo, Six Months In

This week in Malabo has been ridiculous (-ly awesome). The Embassy hosted our annual Independence Day Reception, then hosted an official nonofficial Community BBQ for all of the AmCits on the island, and also, my spouse started working.

Yes. Bertrand started working (not at the Embassy) and upended all of the routines we’ve developed over the last six months, including child care, the same week that I coordinated two 4th of July events. My section at the embassy did an amazing job on our events, and really pulled through to save us from what could have been a couple of big disasters, even when I had to duck out of preparations at one point because OH SHIT THE BRAND NEW NANNY IS GOING TO TURN INTO A PUMPKIN AND I HAVE TO GET HOME.

In any case, Bertrand loves his new job, I love not being a single income family, and now that the week’s over, I can look back on it and be proud of how we ground through the week as a section and as a family. Not a single person committed murder, and I’m going to count that as a win.

In other news, I’ve totally abandoned my New Year’s Resolutions, and am instead writing a novel and making my own bitters and liquors for fun on the weekends. And getting weirdly into interior decorating.

Also, I’m giving up on trying to focus on any sort of “brand” for this blog.  I don’t know why I keep trying. I love blogging, but I am also incredibly lazy and I will never put in the slow steady grinding work that it takes to make a lifestyle blog a success. I’ve made peace with the fact that I have no desire to be a travel blogger, a mommy blogger, a food blogger, or even a craft cocktail blogger (COMING SOON, as you know if you follow my stories on instagram, which you SHOULD).

This is my personal online diary that I have been writing in since 2005, and I’ll write about whatever the fuck I want. So there.

Clearly, Malabo’s been good for me.

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