New Year’s Resolutions, part 2


When I wrote about my New Year’s resolutions earlier in the year, I said that I was content to wait until February to really settle on my creative goals. My work here is engaging and interesting, but the pace of life is different here. I don’t have to spend my free time studying, for one. Without a car (yet), we don’t get out much on the weekend. And finally (and most importantly), miracle of miracles, the kids are finally putting themselves to bed without an hour of cuddling. I love my children dearly, but it is amazing to have my evenings back to myself after more than six years. Wow. What a difference it’s made in my quality of life.

To recap, my resolutions were:

  • No non-zero health days.
  • Continue to create community wherever we find ourselves.
  • No non-zero blog weeks.

I’m not doing as well on them as I’d thought, but I can live with my progress. Creatively, I am focusing on doing things that push me towards thriving, as opposed to barely getting through each day as it comes. It’s not a long list, but it’s a list that I think will push me closer towards

  • Read 52 non-trashy books.
  • Complete 52 paper crafting projects.
  • Take (and complete) an online university class in either programming or creative writing.

I think that my resolutions are sufficiently reasonable that I actually have a shot at completing them. Especially since internet is such a challenge here in EG.

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