Free Things to do in Jerusalem with Kids

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  1. Kate says:

    I would add that the city is fantastic for kid’s playgrounds! Almost every neighbourhood has one, other than in EJ.

    Some of our favourites: HaMifletzet (the Monster Slide), Liberty Bell Park (across from First Station, and even has bathrooms!), the big one near Tzomet Pat. There’s another one down by the zoo but we didn’t make it there.

    The Ammunition Hill museum has free admission, and kids love running around the grounds. Nice views for adults too.

  2. What an amazing guide! Thanks so much! :)
    But would you say that it is quiet safe in there? Did you feel at any time in “danger”?

  3. Natalie says:

    Fascinating! This would be a lifetime adventure for anyone. We love traveling with the kids and showing them our passions and the world – raising global citizens. I write about making the adventure educational so they can be prepared and interested in what they will see. It also has the benefits of having them really remember what they experience and see on vacations!

  4. Kristine says:

    I’ve actually been considering going to Jerusalem because of a blogger’s conference that will take place there next year. Thank you for sharing these tips, as I’d be traveling on a budget and looking for non expensive things to do :) not traveling with kids, though. Lovely photos, by the way :)

  5. I love your photo of Via Dolorosa and how it’s so dark with a bit of light from the street lamp. It captures what happened there years ago so well. It would be so special to walk down that path. The shuk looks awesome too. I love visiting markets when I travel, and this one sounds like it would be particularly colorful and special. I really hope to visit Jerusalem one day.

  6. Walking the streets of Old Jerusalem sounds so cool. Its a great learning experience for anyone, especially kids. Love the idea of running through the fountains of Teddy Park. It get so hot. This sounds like a fun way to cool down.
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  7. c says:

    I have not been to Israel but imagine it would be a powerful experience for children.
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  8. Vicki Louise says:

    Exploring historic Jerusalem would be absolutely fascinating and such a great learning experience – for adults and kids! The market looks like a foodie paradise too – all those spices and snacks!
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  9. mark wyld says:

    Looks like a great city to explore small lanes colourful food and sights. The religious history of a place so steeped in the Christian doctrine would be amazing to see whether you are religious like some or not religious like me. Church of the Holy Sepulcher was be a highlight.

  10. Wow, Jerusalem, quite amazing place especially reading your experience and taking a look your pictures! Did you safe there?! Religion, history, culture, tradition… In Jerusalem is possible to find everything about it, helpful information!! thanks for sharing, anyway, why did you put a picture of Machu Pichu above the post?! :-p

  11. Mindi Hirsch says:

    We’ll be in Jerusalem late next year. Though we don’t have any kids, we will be sure to check out some of your suggestions. They look fun for big kids like us too.

  12. Paul says:

    Some of the best times when travelling are free, we love to just walk around new places and explore every last part! Jerusalem sounds like a great place to visit and it’s great to hear there’s plenty of free things to do, especially for us budget travellers!
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  13. Thanks for this post! I would love to get to Jerusalem, and it seems like it would be a great destination to explore with kids. The culture and the history is on another level to almost any other place on earth, so I can see how it would be a great way to inspire children! Something totally different to what they’re likely to have experienced on previous trips :)
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  14. I really like this post! I especially love the picture of your girl silhouetted against the light. What a great moment :)
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  15. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to visit Israel. Thanks for all the tips here, lots of great things for adults to see free too! Just seeing and absorbing all the history will be fabulous. Thanks for sharing, very helpful!
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  16. amanda says:

    Some great suggestions – and I especially like your food shots!

  17. Brianna says:

    This is a great list! I love trying to create itineraries of primarily free activities when visiting a new city. It seriously helps to keep those costs down. Pinning this post for later :)
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  18. What a great list! I’ve never been but it would be a dream to visit Jerusalem and explore the city. This gives me some places to start – thanks for sharing!

  19. These are all great things to do in Jerusalem… even if you don’t have kids! Which I don’t :) Thanks for sharing and happy travels :)
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  20. Currently in Jerusalem and Souk is my favourite place next to the Old City!

  21. JEM says:

    Thanks for the guide. The last bit is my favorite. It would be my absolute travel accomplishment to visit Jerusalem. But I’d like to time my trip when there are figs and dates. :D
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  22. Allison says:

    What a great list of so many things to do. Not sure I could make shopping a ‘free’ thing though. I would no doubt leave with a little something lol

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