How this Working Mom got Suckered Again, or, Happy Halloween

I swore last year that I wasn’t going to make the kids’ costumes again, and yet somehow, I ended up doing it again this year. At least I had the sense to buy basic items and make only the logos and accessories.

The problem is that I find homemade costumes utterly charming, and also, that I am cheap.  I am unwilling to purchase a $50 costume when I can make it for $20. Sure, I could have bought Batman and Wonder Woman costumes for the girls, and I could have ordered decorations for our trunk-or-treat. But then I wouldn’t have had the personal satisfaction of knowing that I could spend the entire fucking day before our community Halloween party frustratedly wielding my hot glue gun as I glued card stock to capes and shirts.

I actually never feel guilty about having a rewarding job that takes me away from my kids for several hours every day, and also provides them with amazing educational and travel opportunities, as well as an awful lot of creature comforts.  I do, however, often feel guilty about working late, popping into the office on a weekend, and being unable to resist the siren call of my BlackBerry after dinner.

Attempting to assuage my guilt by by spending an entire weekend constructing increasingly ridiculous superhero accessories was pretty silly, in retrospect. “Mom!  Grace needs a tiara!”  “Mom!  We need bracelets!”  “Mom!  Mom!  Mom!”

But aren’t my girls absolutely fucking adorable?

Happy Halloween
Hashtag proud mother (proud of me, proud of them).

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