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What I’ve Been Reading – 10/21/16

What I'm Reading

What the Chef Rick Bayless Can’t Travel Without

I love these peeks into what pro-travelers always bring with them. I can’t decide whether it’s precious or weird or awesome, but I love the idea of keeping a spool of ribbon in my bag to dress up gifts. Since we’ve switched from hotels to AirBnB, through, we’ve noticed a lot less need to bring along extra stuff.

For Immigrants ‘Broken Into Pieces,’ Denver Bus Binds Two Worlds

Nearly every night I pass this lot off a main thoroughfare in the heart of Denver. From here, Autobuses los Paisanos — “the buses of the people” — ferry Colorado’s immigrants to dreams and dramas on the other side of the border. They are mothers off to visit deported children, single men in cowboy hats bound for weddings and funerals, grandparents moving home after years of work in factories and fields in the United States.

Huawei’s quest for hearts and minds in Africa

Such is the case in the US, where fears of spying have brought about restrictions on the company’s operations, and where the small consumer base that buys its phones and devices has done little to inspire confidence in the brand.

In Africa — Huawei’s fast-growing market, where the company earns 15% of its global revenue — public perceptions are decidedly different.

A Science Fiction Tasting Menu for the As Yet Uninitiated

Fantastic list of Science Fiction for People Who Don’t Read SF, including a few that I haven’t yet read myself.

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