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What I’m Reading, 2/26/16

What I'm ReadingPeriod pain can be “almost as bad as a heart attack.” Why aren’t we researching how to treat it?

Before I had my MRI scans, I told my primary care doctor that the pain seemed to be triggered by my period. He didn’t think this was relevant and ignored the comment. Later, when scans showed my discs were in place, the specialist said my pain was likely due to nerve inflammation—just one of those painful things that someone with my history would likely suffer from time to time. Once again, his eyes flicked to the side and he waved his hands dismissively when I asked if it could be connected to my menstrual cycle.

25 NEW BOOKS BY AFRICAN WRITERS YOU SHOULD READ is a fantastic list of African fiction that will be published in the first half of 2016.  Some familiar names, but lots of new one too.  I added several to my list of books to read this year.

They herded us into the aircraft like cattle

The Spanish authorities had deliberately erected two access points to the aircraft at diametrically opposite ends of the airport: one for people who looked like me (S48), and the other for people who looked like my colleague (H8). I felt rage and sadness first, followed by amusement. It seemed both appalling and laughable that they would go to such lengths to demean us, especially when Europeans generally travel effortlessly to and through Africa with their humanity intact.

A sad and familiar tale for anyone who’s suffered the indignity of flying out of Brussels’ Terminal T when flying to West Africa over the last several years.

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