10 years of blogging, and I’m back!

The blog went down last week, and I’m still not sure why.  Some combination of a plugin + theme + something was telling WordPress to display … nothing.  No admin, no blog, no nothing.  It was awful and it’s been a frustrating week and I got up an hour earlier than normal this morning to sit down and straighten everything out.


If things are wonky over the next few weeks, it’s because I’m taking advantage of the meltdown to fix some of the cruft that’s built up over the last ten (!!!!) years of blogging.

No, there won’t be ten-year anniversary post.  I don’t generally do naval-gazing retrospectives, preferring instead to naval-gaze about the future.  However, I’m pretty pleased with myself for maintaining the blogging habit here since 2005.

If only I had the same dedication to running Jerusalem’s hills.

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