FS Blog Rejuvenation, Week #3 – Making it home

Each Sunday, for six weeks, I’ll post three prompts (an introspective prompt, an activity prompt, and a photo prompt) to get us thinking about what we love about Post and this crazy FS life. Use any or none of them, then comment on that week’s post or in the FB group to let us know you’ve posted. The following Tuesday (that is, nine days later), I’ll post a round-up so that we can see what amazing things our fellow Foreign Service families are living and experiencing around the world.

Housing at a Post can make or break morale for many families.  FS families come from all walks of life, and adjusting to our new homes every two to three years can be just as challenging as adjusting to the local language, work culture, and traditions.  This week’s prompts ask us to take a look at what each of us do to make our homes home when we arrive at Post.

Blog Rejuvenation Prompts – Week #3

Prompt 1: What’s “home” to you and your family?  What are the small things you do immediately upon arrival (or upon the arrival of your UAB) at Post to make your house more homelike?

Prompt 2:  Commit to a project in your home to fix something that’s been making you crazy.  You can DIY, contract it out, or convince your long suffering spouse and kids to take care of it for you.  Take photos and let us know how it goes!

Prompt 3:  Take a picture of your favorite room in your home.

The round-up will go up on Tuesday, 6/3, so be sure to comment here or on FB if you’d like to share.продвижение

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