Remember when I said things would be wonky around here?

And then I said I would be done by 9:00?

And three days later, the blog is still wonky?

Well … the wonkiness will probably last a bit, but I’m finally FINALLY on the way to a blog I like the look of. While I expect I’ll continue to tweak the look and organization over the next several weeks, I think that the big changes are done for the moment.

Still on my TODO list:

  • Finalize the color scheme (I am in love with orange lately)
  • Finish re(organizing) my categories and pages
  • Reinstall my plugins and widgets in the sidebar
  • Go through each category and select “best of” for my archives.

It may take me another month or two to get through all of that, but I’d say I’m on a fair way to finally having a blog I love

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