Arabic is Arabic (or, why I have purple bags under my eyes)

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  1. alex says:

    Totally hear you. It’s so true that FSI language learning is simultaneously awesome (we get paid to learn a language!) and awful (burnout + bureaucracy!). But man, you guys are superstars with the studying! I unfortunately lose focus quickly after five hours in class and can’t get much study time in beyond assigned homework these days, but I’ve been finding that using that free time at the gym instead of in the lab is good for my mental health, which in turn is good for my retention. Or so I’m telling myself. :)

    • theresac says:

      I suspect that both my husband and I will get less enthusiastic as time goes on. :-P But for now, it’s been easy to stay motivated. I’m enjoying the intellectual challenge that language learning presents, in addition to the fact that learning Arabic is kind of my job right now.

  2. Roaen says:

    a full day of studying spells burn-out for me, but you’re a total trooper! and here i am dreading the half an hour i’ve been spending with Mr. Pimsler Portuguese… good luck with the rest of language training :-)
    PS – it was great meeting you at dinner last week!
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    • theresac says:

      Roaen, it was lovely to meet you too! I’m thinking about getting Pimsler for Arabic, just for some extra listening. Do you like it?

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