On language training and parenting

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  1. alex says:

    My first week was truly horrendous. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out without hiring more help, major lifestyle changes, etc. But, it got better after like 2-3 weeks once I settled into routines and figured out some shortcuts. For me, these were silly little things like packing everything everyone would need for the day up into backpacks the night before so I wouldn’t be scrambling in the morning, lots of meal planning, laying out outfits for the week in advance, packing a week’s worth of lunches at a time, leaving my pumping stuff at FSI rather than hauling it home to clean every day, etc. You’ll figure out a routine that works for you too. It’ll get easier, I promise! And as for alone time — admin Wednesdays are glorious! :)
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    • theresac says:

      Thanks for the sympathy. After two weeks, things are significantly better. Not ideal, but better than they were. I think that once we’re out of the “phase one” of Arabic and onto a regular language schedule, scheduling nursing and pumping will get MUCH easier.

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